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Specifications and Submission
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Mechanical Specifications

Trim Size:   8.13 in. wide x 10.88 in. high (20.65 cm wide x 27.64 cm high)* 
Binding Method:   Saddle Stitched
Stock:   Inside – 60 lb. Gloss No. 2 (Covers – 100 lb. Gloss No. 1)
Available Colors:       

Four-color process, black & white. All colors should be built in CMYK. No spot (Pantone) colors. Please convert RGB graphics yourself. When converted to CMYK, colors may tend to shift, and you can adjust them at this time.

 Resolution:   Please provide graphics with a minimum of 300 dpi. We cannot guarantee the quality of the image with anything lower.


Preferred Material for Digital Output:

Ads need to be sent on PC-formatted computer disk, be in the correct file format for output. Please send ad files in PDF or EPS format only.

When saving as a PDF, save as high-resolution or press optimized.If you must send a file format other than those listed above, please make sure to include all fonts used to create the document. This includes the printer/screen suitcase. If a substitute font is available, it may cause the document to reflow. You may also convert all type to paths/outlines.

All graphics should be provided and linked to the document for updating when received. Do not embed graphics in the document. Publisher’s Services: Art mechanicals and materials other than complete electronic files and color proofs may be subject to preparation charges. (See above description of preferred materials.)

Inserts: Copy and approval of insert content is required prior to acceptance. For a quote, please contact Lynne Carr, Executive Director.


Non-Bleed Ad Page Dimensions:

1 page:

7.63 in. x 10.38 in.
(19.38 cm x 26.37 cm)

½ page island:   4.5 in. x 7.25 in.
(11.42 cm x 18.42 cm)
½ page horizontal:   6.9 in. x 4.63 in.
(17.3 cm x 11.76 cm)
½ page vertical:   3.31 in. x 9.34 in.
(8.41 cm x 23.72 cm)
¼ page vertical:   3.37 in. x 4.63 in.
(8.41 cm x 11.76 cm)

Bleed Ad Page Dimensions

Important: For bleed ads, keep text, logos and other live matter at least 0.25 inch (0.64 cm) from all edges

Bleeds are allowed only on the following ad sizes:
2-page spread:   16.5 in. x 11.13 in.
(41.91 cm x 28.27 cm)
1 page:   8.38 in. x 11.13 in.
(21.29 cm x 28.27 cm)
½ page horizontal spread:  16.5 in. x 4.63 in.
(41.91 cm x 11.76 cm)

Bleed Safety: Keep important live matter, such as text and logos, at least 0.25 in. (0.64 cm) from all edges.


Issuance and Closing Dates

Issue  Commitments Materials
Winter Oct. 15 Nov. 1
Spring Jan. 15 Feb. 1
Summer April 15 May 1
Fall June 15 July 1


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